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Minority Grants

| February 4, 2010 | 0 Comments

Minority Grants Birds of same feather flock together. We all know this saying and also the meaning of the same. Also, there is always strength in number. The more of our kind around us, more secured we feel. The corollary to this is, that if you are less in number or if you are in minority, then you have lesser security or you have to face more resistance while attempting to progress . In democratic society this is not acceptable. Our society can grow and progress only and only if all sections of our society are progressing. The foundation of our society is ‘Of the People, By the People and For the People’. This is basic principle behind ‘Minority Grants’. These minority grants are not like government extending charity to certain sections of society. In real sense, these grants can be considered as the fundamental rights of minority sections. The fact is that not everybody is totally aware of these rights and it is vital that mass awareness campaign should be undertaken. The coverage and scope of these grants is very wide and is defined by Federal legislation. US government and other foundations have set aside $ 57.5 billion for Minority Grants, for year 2010, government being major contributor. The US Government grants are totally different than the financial assistance that you may get from Banks or other institutions. While sanctioning these grants, Government does not check your credit history, nor asks for collateral securities or signature of guarantor. Person having bad credit history of even bankruptcy can be eligible for government grants and the best part of entire scheme is that you have to repay nothing to government. One person can be entitled for even more than one grant under different schemes. For purpose of Minority Grants, government has determined certain sections of society as ‘Minority’. These groups are African Americans, Hispanic Minority, Asian Minority, Native American Minority and Disadvantaged Groups Minority. These grants when sanctioned for educational purpose, they fundamentally differ from educational scholarships. The need of particular person is given maximum importance while sanctioning the grant and not the merit or educational achievements. Minority grants for African American college funds are mainly United Negro College Fund, National Black Nurse Association, Fredrick Douglas Scholars Program, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Program to name a few. There are many other programs too, which fall under this heading. Hispanic Minority Grants were getting lesser allocation from government over the years and the government too has accepted the fact and has started making bigger contributions to Hispanic Minority Grants. There are many Hispanic Minority Grants such as Hispanic Nurses Association grants and Scholarships, March of Dimes Nursing Scholarship program, Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students Program, Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program and many more. Asian minority too can avail benefits of Asian Minority Grants, sanctioned by number of bodies and the most active amongst all these schemes is ‘Luisa Mallari Fellowship. To get grant under Native American Minority Grants, one has to prove that one belongs to tribes as recognized by government and also has to furnish Certificate of Indian Blood. There are grants for those who are less fortunate than most of us due to physical or mental shortcomings. The person with such shortcomings can qualify for Disadvantaged Groups Minority grants. These grants are mainly to assist such persons in getting better education at any level. Harry Truman Scholarship Program is in forefront of theses grants programs, though there are many other programs which are equally capable and willing to help those who qualify. Apart from these Minority grants, Government has also set aside huge funds for Starting small business by minority, expanding existing one, or to start business from home. One can avail grant to get free legal advice, or to purchase first home, or to remodel the existing home. If you can prove that you belong to any of Minority Groups mentioned above, then you must not hesitate to take full advantage of theses Minority grants. It is not like taking alms from government but it is like taking what is rightfully yours. This can be golden opportunity to progress, to give back to society and to prove together ‘‘Yes, We Can’’!!!

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