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An Analysis Of Teaching Grants

| February 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

Teacher grant is financial aid given to students to enable them to teach in private elementary and secondary schools that specifically caters to children coming from low income families.There are certain conditions laid down for the receiving of teachers grants.

  • First of all you must be willing to teach in an elementary school that is specifically designated for low income families.
  •  Secondly you must give your consent to teach for four years in a high need field within 8 years of completion of the special training enabling you to receive the grant.

If you fail to meet these alloted conditions grant would be dissolved and whatever finance you received as part of the grant will be converted into the form of a government loan.Also interest rates would be levied on the loan amount as is done in the case of a normal loan and the grant receipent would have to repay the loan within a stipulated period.The grant receiver is given a period of 6 months after which the grant is converted into a loan and he would have to start repaying the loan along with interest.

So anybody who is applying for a student loan would have to do a serious analysis and only if he feels that he match up to the conditions laid down should apply for a teachers grant. There are also some elegibility criterias and the teachers grant is given to a student if he is able to meet these.The criterias are as follows-

  1. He would have to submit an application called the Federal Student Aid(FAFSA).
  2. Should be national of USA or if he is a non citizen,then he should be legible to receive the grant.
  3. Should be a graduate or post graduate student in a institution that has selected by the government to receive the teacher grant.
  4. Should have undergone specific training in subject related courses after which he would be required to teach that course.
  5. Should have a high percentage of marks of the range of 75.
  6. Should have given his assent for receiving a teachers grant and should have signed on a teachers grant agreement.

The person receiving the grant should be teaching in a high need field.High need fields are fields in which there is an accute shortage of teaching faculty with eligible profile.Some of the high need fields are-

  1. Acquisition of english language.
  2. Foreign Language.
  3. Mathematics.
  4. Reading Specialist.
  5. Science.
  6. Special Education.

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