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Ben Caballero – Business Start Up Grant Experience

| February 4, 2010 | 1 Comment

I have had a number of experiences with Business start up grants from the government as a few years ago I worked for a company in the Staffordshire area who organised business start up grants and organised business support for small and new businesses. The company (who i cannot name for legal reasons) worked with the county councils across the country too secure business support grants through companies like business link and advantage west midlands. A lot of the time the government would drag their feet when organising the grants which often it would lead to companies failing to qualify for the grant due to a timing or clerical error. It was my job as a business support advisor to organise the grants through alternative means so that the companies could successfully secure the funding to help their business to grow. Some of the funding that I would help to secure included grants for companies to help them pay for a secure internet connection (this would normally include the cost of the set up fees of the new telephone line and funding to help pay for the first six months connection charges), grants to help them create innovative new ideas which they could use to help there company expand, grants that would enable them to get a student to help work on business ideas (this was run in conjunction with Aston University) and grants that would allow them to purchase new equipment (computers and machinery). The problems encountered often meant that companies did not feel there was much point to applying for the grants because it would often take too long for the grant to arrive, or for the approval to come from the government. The small timescales and limited funding available also meant that it was not a case of first come first served, more a case of first to correctly get the paperwork back on time and then battle with the government to prove that the business was entitled to the money. It was often disheartening when trying to secure funding because a lot of the time the business would already have resigned to the fact that they would not receive anything. Because of the limited pot of money that is given by the government (and it has to be limited because there are other sections that also need the government funding) it often meant that the funding would go live in the April (to coincide with the new tax year) but the funding would have finished and been used up normally by mid-may because of the huge number of companies that apply.

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