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| June 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

One of the more popular Government grants that have been created are grants that tackle educational support, and the College grant is the best one.  You may have gone through the 1st grade and graduate from high school but getting the college degree is icing in the cake.  So to be able to take advantage of an existing program such as the College grant is essential and important not only for the student applying, but also for the parents that pays for the student’s education.  So make the first move and apply for the college grant, help your parents help you finish college.  Start by figuring out what College grants are all about and go from there.

There are two types of college grants; need-based grants and merit-based grants.  Both of which should be studied by the applicant and see where he / she falls under.

Need-Based grant would refer to financial aid that the grant has to offer to a student whose family has financial difficulties.  The assessment of the applicant shall include the family’s expected contribution which is defined as the family’s estimated ability to share or contribute to the student’s college expenses for 1 year.  The number of family dependents also needs to be determined perhaps for future application of these other family dependents / members. The grant will most likely be issued under the Pell grant.

Merit-Based grant sounds like a very intimidating grant to apply for, but not really, you do not need to be a genius to apply for this grant.  Although there are educational attainments and accomplishments that will definitely help you, doing well in your studies will help your cause in this grant.  But this grant will also take a look at the family’s income but not solely on that background that they will determine your acceptance unlike need-based grant.

You are going have to familiar yourself with FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid http://www.fafsaonline.com, you might want to visit the website, just click on the link.  It is the form used for applying for college grants that you might want to apply for.  One more tip for you is that you should already know which school you wish to go to before filling up and submitting the FAFSA, but in case you change your mind on what school to go to, don’t be alarmed, you can still inform the sponsor and the school you wish to add to your selections the FAFSA will be edited and will be forwarded in the admissions sections of their office.  Just make sure that you were able to make the necessary formal request of the addition of school.

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