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There is a proverb ‘educate boy, you educate a man but educate a girl you educate a family’. So if you educate a girl child you are contributing towards educating a whole family, because in a family a mother’s education signifies a lot for each member. Gone are the days when in most countries in the world, there were less education facilities for women as it was not considered so much important to educate the women. It was totally sex discrimination. Even in the USA the women had to suffer a lot to pursue education. Some countries like Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Somalia are still not in favor of women education. But now a days it is realized by every nation that with out empowerment of women, a nation cannot make growth as a whole.

In view of the above, the government, NGO and joint ventures and even local public are taking necessary steps to help a woman in education both financially and morally. There are also some reserved seats in each professional institute in India. Even the private institutes have to reserve prescribed seats as instructed by the governments. In medical, engineering, pharmacy, management, finance, accounting, IT, fashion design, shipping, aviation, banking, architecture etc woman’s seats are kept reserved. In most of the institutes there are selection panels to grant loan/assistance to the woman.

Under Graduate grant for women: Girl student desirous to pursue matriculation and graduation can avail this sort of grants. In the USA the government and many NGOs are offering financial grants for women. Open Meadows Foundation, Macy’s Foundation, the Mayor’s Foundation are some volunteer organizations that help girl students to pursue under graduate and post graduate degree. In India also Ministry of Women and Social welfare helps the girl student financially for education. It is done in collaboration with Ministry of Human Resource Development. There is also a selection procedure for this grant. This grant comes as an assistance and need not to pay back.

Post Graduation Grants for women: For post graduation degree agencies like University Grants Commission, Association of Indian Universities are offering scholarships to the woman student. The UGC also sanctions hostel grants for women students in a college and universities. Non government organization like Lions Club International, Rotary Club and Rhino Club etc. are also contributing a lot to educate the women section of the society. The Nation Commission for Women (NCW) also provides guidance and assistance to woman student.

Grants for professional and higher education of women: All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Medical Council of India and business management controlling bodies have laid down some selection procedure and fee concession rules for women students. In most of institutes tuition fee is waived of for women students, but some where it is reduced to almost 40 percents. Recently an online initiative called ‘Give India’ which got numerous responses is helping women students in pursuing education.

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