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Emelyn Morgan – Government Grant Experience

| February 4, 2010 | 0 Comments

I really have a positive experience towards the Goverment grants because if government itself will not help the needy or poor people then who will step there hands forward to help the needfull people. According to me government is the only god infant children, girls, single mothers etc. I myself  had a very good and positive experience from government grants. I would like to share that with you, I belong to a very poor family my mom was the only earner in the family my dad was an unemployed person .I  have four sisters and one brother we had to suffer a lot due to poverty and had to sacrifice many things but study was the only things which was very much liked and willed by me and my sisters but due to no money for fees and donations my mom was unable to take an admissions in the school for us but at that time my mom came to know about the government grant to a girls school then my mom decided to take an admission to a girls school having a goverment grant and i can proudly say that only because of these grants I am well educated and now working in a reputed firm. So according to me these grants to widows, pregnant women, hispanics,non profit organisations etc., are really a helping hand of the people who cannot fulfil there wishes of becoming something due to poverty. We should also encourage goverment to carry on this wonderful work of helping the needy people and decreasing the ratio of uneducation,unemplyoment, and partiality. Lets have a look on the captioned advantages of government grants:- 1) Stops needy and helpless people from attempting suicide 2) Decreases poverty range 3) Decreases partiality factor 4) Helps business mans to again stand up to run there business 5) Helps one to take the nation to a greater extend 6) To stop the unequality and much more much more Hope you all are now clear with the criteria of governments grants and from now instead of making government down we all will make them up for our betterment itself. thanking you, regards….

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