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| February 13, 2010 | 0 Comments

Women in India today enjoy full freedom. Women enjoys an equal status with man. Women have a right to vote just as a man has. Women are eligible for the highest position in state. Women are starting to no longer be a slave to men. Women are no longer a house drudge. Women did not always have these right, do to a government grant intervention women are becoming free to create there own destiny.

To make this possible she must be provide education facilities equal to man. We do not have enough women’s colleges to accommodate all the women aspiring for a higher education nor does our present budget allow us to open separate colleges. Women, therefor, must join co-education institutions if they are not to be left behind in the race for progress. I myself am a women who prefer to join co-education institutions not for the sake of romance and sight-seeing but because they are better staffed and better equipped. Staff in a purely women institution is seldom stable for as soon as a female teacher is married, she resigns and goes away to the state where her husband is located. The education of women scholars thus suffer in consequence. Our orthodox brethren assert that free mixing of boys and girls would lead to romance, love, and marriages which usually have an unhappy ending. These fears are unfounded and baseless. In a co-education institution, boys and girls try to behave better in the presence of others. The college life becomes sweet and charming and attendance also improves. Men and women mix freely in trains, buses, cinemas, places of worship,in the family and fairs. Heavens won’t fall if they mix in colleges. When there is a large number of girls in a college, they don’t attract attention. The novelty of this situation wares off very quickly. Familiarity blunts the edge of curiosity and makes the whole thing look common. Co-education improves the moral tone of the students.

There is also a distinct improvement in the university results, since co-education brings about healthy rivalry. The cost of education to the state is reduced. The same staff, the same building and furniture, can satisfy the educational needs of both the sexes. in co-educational institution, boys and girls mix freely at the debates, in associations, clubs and societies attached to the institution and thus we have ample opportunities of understanding one another viewpoint.as the public standard of morality is raised, co-education may be introduced with an advantage. the girls are prepared to shoulder with the boys.

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