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Grants for medical bills – Lithuanian

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Ministry of Health regulates the procedures for reimbursement of medicinal products in Lithuania. In accordance with Lithuanian law reimbursed drugs is provided based on compensating deseases and compensated medicines lists . They are guided by different principles.

The essence of Disease and Countervailing drugs list is insurance for treatment of certain diseases based on compulsory health insurance reimbursement. Basic price for medicines may be offset by 100, 90, 80 or 50 percent depending on the deseases.

The compensated medicines list is created for most frequently used drugs. This list is drawn up taking into account the different social groups, patient financial capacity to purchase one or the other drugs type. Such social groups are created for the patients, including children, pensioners, disabled, disadvantaged persons. In this way, for example, children under 18 years old age is classified as 1st group and compensated by compensated medicines list (a total of 76 medicines) with 100 percent of the basic medicines price.

How are reimbursed the cost of medicines and medical care in the purchase of individual population groups?

All children under 18 years of 100 percent the rate of basic medicines listed in Disease and Countervailing drugs to cure them and compensated medicines lists, as well as medical assistance measures contained in the compensated medical aids, price. The same applies to group disabled. And employed, unemployed and pensioners who receive a Group II disability, as well as social assistance (social) pensions under compensated medicines list and compensated for medical aids for 50 percent. a basic drug or medical reimbursement arrangements. However, according to the diseases and drugs to cure them of compensating the list of this group of treatment may be offset by 100, 90 and 80 per cent of the basic price. This means that the harder illnes or chronically ill compensated by a higher degree of treatment.

Distinct social group consists of people included in the lists drawn up by the Government.This group for people who was in the liquidation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident (stocks and compulsory military service soldiers, temporarily posted to this power plant is 30 km in area), resistance involved – soldiers, volunteers and participants in the freedom struggle; reabilituotieji political prisoners, persons deported for forced labor, those who suffered in 1991 11 January – 13 February and subsequent events at defending Lithuanian statehood.

Compensatory base prices of medicines pricelist revised once a year, the Ministry of Health procedures.

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