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How grants for mentally impaired children can be a blessing.

| September 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

mentally impaired childrenChildren are always a blessing to any family but for those who have mentally impaired children this can be a challenge. The United States for instance records a high percentage of mental disorder of about 15% every year with the disorder arising from a wide range of factors. Any parent would tell you that taking care of a mentally ill child is not easy. You need to constantly have money to keep up with medication and have someone to watch each and every move.

Mental institutions on the other hand ask for hefty bills to take care of such individuals. What’s more you will have to bear with individuals for the rest of your life. This situation can be levied by gaining access to easily accessible and affordable grants. There are a number of grants available which can come in handy especially when you need to curb such a situation.

Individual care grant for mentally impaired children

The individual care grant for mentally ill children is under the department of human services and its aim is to give children funds which are used as residential placement as a result of mental illness. The main aim of disbursement is to assist parents to gain access at the appropriate level of care. Gaining access to the grant offers you a lot of advantages. For instance once the grant is approved it’s subject to renewal every year.

To be eligible to such a grant you need to be a parent or guardian of Illinois and you child must be suffering from severe mental illness. This means that the child should have an emotion or mental disorder which completely impairs thought, judgment as well as reality. The common symptoms that should be noted on such patients should include bizarre behavior, unusual form of communication and hallucination among others. The child should also not be in guardianship of any state agency, custody of a state agency or enrolled in any school.

Jeanette Weinberg disability funding

Jeanette Weinberg Foundation was established to basically support different organizations as individuals achieve independence and self respect. It also caters for children and adults with disabilities. They cater for intellectual disabilities for all ages, physical and sensory disabilities. To be able to get any grant you have to first fill a letter of inquiry which the foundation will confirm a receipt to within 30 days. There are also different categories of grants to choose from and each of the grants requires you to have different Letter of Inquiry. A clear guideline is also outlined on the use of each Letter of Inquiry.

The questions available on the Letter of inquiry should also be filled in accordance to the instructions. If you do know the answer, then it’s important to write yes. If you do not have any idea or have no answer to the question then you’ll have to explain but avoid writing N/A. you can also get them on different social media platforms plus they do have a reachable contact address which can be reached anytime.

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