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James – School Grant Experience

| February 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

Education is one of the foremost rights of any individual, and proper assistance to an education is another. If one has to earn a decent living they got to be qualified enough to land the job. James was one among the thousands in need of such assistance. He was very passionate about photography and those who had seen his work were confident that given proper guidance and a professional qualification, he would make it big. Some well meaning Samaritan directed James to a government organization, that offered grants to deserving candidates. Being eager to pursue his dream career James leapt at the opportunity and presented himself at the doorsteps of this organization. Only to be repeatedly thwarted by the registration desk who demanded that he register before coming and when he did; there were no records maintained of his registration – apparently the staff at the organization were some irregulars who had been offered jobs to hush up some minority job protests. With university deadlines drawing to a close, James was hard pressed to get his promised grant – the elusive Promised Land. Finally he did get through and when he did, he was promised the grant; but there was a catch that he failed to see; the grant would be awarded in irregular installments and the rules were subject to change without prior notice. Happy as he was, he secured his seat in the best University for Photography in the UK and started his education. He outshone most of his peers and impressed his superiors. He would have been a great addition to the world’s photography society; but fate had other plans. The government back home changed; and so came changes to the rules and regulations. The organization that had offered him the grant was shut down to make space for a shopping mall (whose owner by the way, happened to have “helped” in the winning political party’s campaign). All further installments vanished from view and down came the University Board, breathing fire down James neck. Apparently; there had been new regulations in UK as well regarding international students. Any international student failing to make payments would be immediately deported back to his home country and wouldn’t be allowed a visa for another seven years. James got back home, lost, dejected and had to take up jobs undermining his talent, to pay off the loans that he had so heavily taken to facilitate his entire trip. Another flame of talent extinguished….

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