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Jelyn – Business Start Up Grant Experience

| February 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

Business Start Up Grant The story of a company that fizzled out! A few years ago, before our children had come along and we were still young free and adventurous, my partner gave up his job to try out his luck on an entrepreneurial venture. He had his idea which was undoubtedly unique and innovative, and he also had plenty of business skills and qualifications having spent a number of years in various positions and various industries. The one thing he didn’t have very much of was money! So, he went to local government in the hopes of getting some advice and financial support for his madcap scheme. To be really honest, I really expected the whole thing to fizzle out after a few weeks of pennilessness – I know my lack of faith was shameful! So it was much to my surprise when a few weeks later, he had appointed the company accountant. I was named one of the Managing Directors, which I was quite proud of even though all I did was sign the odd document. He had secured a business start up grant from the government who evidently thought the idea very worthwhile. A list of potential customers was drawn up and letters sent out explaining the service that would soon be available to them. A beautifully color-coded business plan with lots of financial forecasts, objectives, likely outcomes, profit and losses was my department, (being the spreadsheet expert). We even had a company logo and stamp! We were beginning to feel like a real honest-to-God business organization! Replies from the letters we had sent out were pouring back in with extremely positive responses, we would have no shortage of customers when it all got going. Then my partner decided that he needed to get a bit more training in the whole marketing department, while things were still quiet he’d do a post-graduate course to give him the added skills and really prime him for success. He loved being back at college, and enjoyed the student life all over again. Then when a great company offered him a job after his graduation, well, he just couldn’t refuse – the offer of hard cash was impossible to resist. Soon enough he was back to the grindstone and all thoughts of our own business were put on the back burner. In many ways it was an dreadful waste of that fantastic grant and all the help and support we received, but its a nice thing to put on your CV – ‘Managing Director’ – even if it was only for a few months! If you are wondering what the business idea was all about – well, that would be telling! Who knows when we might decide to give it another go!

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