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There is no need to convince anybody, the great relevance of “NATIVE AMERICAN GRANTS” as it is only a point of order in a matured and well cultured society. A great nation dedicated to the real welfare of the people, will never neglect the bounden duty to the fore fathers of that country.

As a part of the universal human society, the Native Americans are proud of their grand contribution to the process of development of the human culture,as everybody is very proud of the contribution of the great Native American Society.That is the reason why the “MODERN AMERICAN” political leadership always pleaded for the said grants and the community of the original Americans.

The relevant question is that whether the present “GRANTS” are just or not! In a larger sense, all the present grants are not distributed in a proper direction and is sometimes,an insult to some of the members of the so called “Native American” society!

Actually, there should be a national determination to put an end to this grant at the earliest, by bringing up that part of this American Society into a “healthy-wealthy-and wise” grade. The scholars all around the world are highly anxious : whether the present government will take keen and appropriate steps to fulfill the simple dreams of the grand children of the real owners of the land. Sometimes, the divine reason for the unnecessary hit backs for the Modern American Programmers are due to the wrath caused by the negligence of duties towards the bounden commitments to the fore fathers of the “GREAT DEMOCRACY”.

A special commission is to be constituted in connection with the uplifting of the present position of the Native Americans and the mood of passing and utilization of the said grants. The agenda for the scrutiny of the laxity in upholding and uplifting the position of that part of the GREAT AMERICAN SOCIETY is to be explored truly and promptly. The possibilities of genetic engineering technique will certainly reveal that the Native Americans are capable to achieve any type of glory, acquired by the Modern Americans!

Kindly pardon me for provoking-if anybody is felt sad. Please ask yourself that whether your blood is sacred with the part of the great Native American blood! I earnestly hope that a grand and well designed commission will be constituted for the ERADICATION OF THE POOR CONCEPT OF “native Americans”. I am sure that one day will come soon in which there will be no scope for donating grants to the original inhabitants of the Great American Continent as a “free based” gift. Let us imagine that we all are the children of GOD.

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