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Science is the knowledge acquired by study and practical method. It is not based on assumption, idea and traditional beliefs. Every projected fact should be proved practically. After that it is granted by the science community. For science we are advancing towards developments never imagined. You can not end describe the contribution of science in day to day life. Even as I am writing this article it has become possible due to science. So, in every school, institute and research organization science grants are the utmost requirement for learning and research.

The foremost requirement of science grant is to procure science equipment, laboratory tools and guidance books, manuals etc. A well designed infrastructure and its maintenance is also the objective of this grants. More over arranging science tour, excursion, field survey and payment to the non sanctioned staff of the institutes for whom no government salary is ear marked, arranging seminars, printing publications and meetings are also the motto of the science grants. The associated issues like land acquisition, amenity, transportation for which separate fund should be allocated are also influenced by this fund in some extend.

As the science and technology is a separate government department of union as well as state government the main source of this science grant is the government budget allocation. Generally the allocation is ear marked in Five Year Plan by the Planning Commission. As science is also a concern of Education department so few funds specially in institutes are directly sanctioned by Ministry of Human Resource Developments, Government of India. As part of UNESCO grants for the conservation and promotion of heritage and science India also gets UN science grants like other countries. Many companies involved in scientific research and marketing of scientific products show keen interest to promote and allocate grants for science to many institutes. In return they can sale the products to them and market the products through this channels. Now a day many banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI banks are offering low interest loan to the science students to pursue professional and research course. For this you have to get more than 60% marks in last professional science examination.

The Ministry of Science and Technology also offers scholarship to the meritorious science students to pursue research and fellowship programme. It grants loan to study and research aboard after scrtuninsing the marks and performance of an applicant. The sanctioned amount is in the form of assistance and some part is of loan.

The science grants allocated to institutes are to be used as per the directive of the sanctioning authority and a yearly report of utilization is to render to the authority. The Head Scientist or teacher is responsible for the proper utilization of the fund. On 28 Feb every year which is celebrated as National Science Day numerous Science award is presented by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology which are the part of science grants.

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