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Teri Licanda – Government College Grant Experience

| February 4, 2010 | 4 Comments

          Back when I was extremely young, my dad left, leaving my mum to look after both me and my brother alone. This was a full time job to her, and as you can imagine due to this methods of gathering finance were extremely hard. Having a single mum and hence a rather low family income, the idea of going to college seemed rather unlikely. After checking out potential options of free education we came across very little. However upon finding potential government help, the entire outcome changed. Due to the financial situation we were in, I was eligible to apply for a grant in order to pay for my education. I think that if your household earned under X amount per year, you were eligible to apply for the grant, although I cannot be sure. Upon applying, a government official of sorts was sent to our home, and then assessed our financial situation. Taking into consideration how the house was, items of value, along with a financial mastermind, used to crunch the figures and find out whether our financial situation was as we described . I can understand why this was all necessary, in order to avoid fraud and “theft” from people who really don’t need the support and help. After this meeting we were offered help with finance upon attending college. This wasn’t simply tuition fees, but included uniform, food while attending college, a percentage towards trips and travel expense to and from the college itself. This was unbelievable a free way to attend college, with nothing to pay back anywhere down the line, all made possible because of the government and their grant. They helped us every step of the way, payment for fees was handled via the college so we never had to worry about that, and as for uniform and transport expenses, as long as we held on to items that would prove the purchase, we would then get refunded upon sending them in. As for food, I was allocated a certain amount of money per day in order to eat while at college. This was sent prior to the day, and usually in monthly chunks, but the amount given was more than generous. This wasn’t simply a 1 or 2 year grant either, this grant allowed me to complete the whole of my education, no matter how long it took. This grant potentially changed my life, it allowed me an education I could only otherwise dream of.

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