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Wadud & Wahed – International Grant Experience

| February 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

DISTRICT INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE CENTRE LOAN District Industry and Commerce centre (in short DICC) is a government body under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Assam state, India. It is the nodal government body for providing various sort of loan to assist the needy person for starting up an own small and medium business in various sectors. The ultimate motto of this centre is to give a self employment facility to the common and poor people, specially the educated youth. My two elder brothers are graduates and unemployed. In the year 2005 they came to know about the financial grant by this body through local news paper and other public. They discussed the issue our family members. As we are a large family and have limited income to run the family, we had to think twice before taking any decision. We discussed every pros and cons of the scheme which was a ‘Grocery Loan’ of 1 lakh rupees to set up a small grocery store in our local rural market in Barpeta district. The official also said that some amount I think 20% of loan amount will be as financial grant or help for which no interest and capital to be paid. But it would be with the total loan only, if granted. My both brothers had finally applied for this after getting positive nod from my father. The documents demanded by the centre were residence proof, identity proof, educational certificates and business scheme. The loan is sanctioned twice in a year. There is a selection panel who decides the eligibility of the loan after verifying necessary data and taking interview. There after the official also goes to the site or the business area for which the person has applied for the loan. Moreover, a people of backward area like ours get weitage in sanction procedure of the loan as my brothers came to know while some other applicants were talking to each other. The official initially checked the application and accepted the form and gave a receipt quoting an application number. He also asked my brothers to look into news paper for date of interview. It might take one or two months. Finally after 45 days my brothers Wadud and Wahed came to know that the interview would be held on 4th of August 2005. Both of them went to the DICC campus on that day with necessary documents. The DICC campus was full of people seeking grants or loan. At about 10.30 am the interview started. One office clerk used to call the name of the applicants and asked the go to room no. 5 where Assistant Director and 2 other members were present to interview the person. It was noisy atmosphere out side. At last the clerk called ‘Wadud’ (as seemed to be as the area was so noisy). He went inside the room and the asst. Director called ‘Yes Wahed, show your documents’. My brother looked at him and told that he is not ‘Wahed’ but his brother ‘Wadud’ whom the clerk called for. The official thought that he was trying to mislead the jury. He explained the whole misconception that he heard the name as ‘Wadud’ and came into the room and his brother whose name was asking by the official was also an applicant. But the official did not believe it and asked to go back to home. It was so disappointing. There was no further communication or intimation from the department. We already left hope of it.DISTRICT INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE CENTRE LOAN …

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